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To send a free, electronic patient greeting card, read the following and submit your message.  (To purchase gifts or cards to be delivered to a patient, please call the Gift Shop at 456-4490.)

Disclaimer (Please read before submitting):
Patients who are in the hospital are comforted by emails messages from friends and family. We encourage you to keep your messages positive and comforting. If you wish to send an email to a patient please remember:

  • This form is for patients at the Dickinson, ND location only.
  • Messages will be printed and delivered Monday - Friday between 8am and 5pm. 
  • Hospital staff will collect and print emails for delivery to patients daily.
  • We cannot guarantee that emails will arrive at a specific time. We will not be able to confirm whether a message has been delivered or read by the patient.
  • Although we will not screen email messages, they will be viewed by those who print and deliver the emails.
  • Do not send information that you consider confidential and/or private or that might be embarrassing or offensive to others.
  • Messages will not be delivered to patients in the Emergency Department or patients receiving outpatient procedures. 
  • Messages will not be delivered to those who have requested that they not be listed in our patient directory.  
  • There may be other reasons that messages cannot be delivered and because of privacy laws we cannot notify you that it has not been delivered to the patient.
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