Harvest Home

Harvest Home is a temporary residential facility that serves as a home-away-from-home for patients who are receiving medical care at the local hospital, clinics, treatment centers and physician offices or for their spouses, parents and other family members.

Patients who are suffering from an accident or serious illness need emotional support and understanding from their family and friends. Concern for the health of their loved one is often physically and emotionally exhausting for the whole family, making it highly desirable to have a place where spouses, parents and other caregivers can draw additional strength and stability during a crisis.

Moreover, after commuting long distances to the hospital or for medical services, families are often faced with sleeping on sofas, chairs or cots in order to be near the patient. Harvest Home is within walking distance of the hospital, which allows family members to eat in the cafeteria and take advantage of the chapel, pastoral care and social services. Users can also access community based support groups.

The Harvest Home is owned and operated by the CHI St. Alexius Health Dickinson Foundation and a host of volunteers. Guests may use the home for laundry, showers, or a place to relax at no charge, however, you are considered a part of our volunteer team by preparing meals, cleaning your room, etc. A $15.00 donation is requested for overnight stays, and donations for daytime only use are always welcome.

The Harvest Home has three rooms which are available on a first come, first served basis. Request for rooms are made by your doctor, social worker, or hospital employees by calling Admitting at 701-456-4000, or 701-456-4772.

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For more information contact (701) 456-4772.


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